Sangeet Sandhya With Choreography

Sangeet means music in Sanskrit. Sangeet sandhya is an important day celebrated before the wedding ceremony. It is actually part of the wedding ceremony in many of the north Indian weddings and now also part of south Indian weddings.

The wedding dance events team at sangeet sandhya choreography in Chennai is known for its choreography, timeliness and for its ability to prepare dance based on the individual. Whether it’s your parents, grandparents or cousins, we know what will suit who. We have received excellent reviews for our services. We have backdrop dancers, contacts of few good emcees and some of Chennai’s most respected choreographers. Whether it’s Latin, classical, couple, Bollywood, western, folk, sangeet sandhya choreography in Chennai can get you to perform it all. Leave the mixture creation to us and we will help you with the songs also.

At our center we have helped various families wonderful their wedding dance. With a growing number of couples performing dance routines at their own marriage events, relatives performing family dances and even grandparents pitching in, good wedding choreographers in Chennai can help you create fond reminiscences for decades to come. Here’s an example of what remarkable wedding choreography can do for you or your friend’s/family member’s marriage. The next short video shows a family rehearsing at their farmhouse and then performing at the occasion.

With us, people know what it takes to make your marriage day special and our Chennai based choreographers offer private lessons to help you perfect moves for your favorite wedding song. From the response we get from our customers we know that it means the world to the wedded couple when their loved ones perform a dance routine. You create reminiscences to last a lifetime and what’s more, you can even hire our proficient dancers to dance alongside you or in the background just like you see in the movies. So if you want to make that occasion unforgettable, give us a call today!

If you want to make a friend’s wedding particular, you can get a few friends to dance together to make the occasion special. Our dance teachers can train groups and personalize dance moves on your favorite both in Hindi and English songs. We have trained different families to execute dance numbers at weddings – from 4 people to 50 people groups. With such groups, the confront is that some people are good dancers and some are not, in which case the dance troupe is divided into people who can and cannot perform difficult dance moves. Our instructor are very well trained to divide the choreography in a way that everyone can participate.

Sangeet sandhya dance choreography in chennai